Here you will find a list of all my current or upcoming books.

Poem Collection: Dark & Early Poems

ISBN-13: 978-1696827430

Some of the poems in here have to do with battles with one's own mind and may not be suitable for younger ages.


For every book sold in the next year, I will make a majority donation of those sales

to the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention. 
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Paperback and Digital copies are also available through many other retailers. The buy it now button links to Amazon. Any copies sold of my Poems Collection goes completely into the donation fund.

Running from Fate

ISBN-13: 978-1999273910

Avery chose to become independent after so much trauma had occurred in her life. But when Sebastian moves into town things change. Both of them will be forced to have to face all the secrets the town and their fathers have hidden. They both will have a long journey ahead of them.

Altered Existence

ISBN-13: 978-1999273941

​Monique thought her life was perfectly normal. That was up until she started to experience traumatic dreams. She chose to seclude herself from everyone. Especially her ex-fiance.Roman has a deep love for Monique and won't let her go so quickly. He steps up to help her overcome her newfound abilities. Trouble isn't far behind, though, as Monique finds herself in a tough situation. Can Monique learn to adapt, or will she suffer the devastating consequences?


I am currently working on a compilation of short stories as well as a third novel. Stay tuned for more updates as it progresses.