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 Even as a young child, I was always conjuring up stories, sharing them with anyone who would listen. I enjoy reading and escaping into another world. Since then, I've progressed quite a bit to formulating longer stories and wanting to share them with a broader audience. As a storyteller, I'm adept at using my imaginative thinking and creative flair to bring my stories to life in engaging and entertaining ways.

   I have always loved books, and they had always inspired me to write. I started off writing poems in my younger years. Both reading and writing allows me to escape to a different reality. I worked in a job that made me unhappy for years when the opportunity presented itself I left. I dedicated a lot of my time and effort into an environment that didn't take time to appreciate or care for their staff. After much internal debate with myself, I decided to pursue writing as my career. I enjoy taking the time to do what I want.
  In the end, we all subject ourselves to doing something that we tell ourselves is what we want. Deep down, I didn't enjoy what I was doing, and I just thought to myself that I had to do it. Do not get me wrong I enjoyed working with people and helping others. It was towards the end I realized that everyone was always telling me to get out while I could. I didn't listen for a while until I finally stumbled across some of my old writing. I realized then that I was unhappy with what I was doing.
   I took to writing again, and since then I haven't regretted doing what I enjoy. On top of writing, I enjoy making handmade items like bookmarks, key chains, dream catchers, etc. I have taken more time to enjoy what I am doing. If you are unhappy with what you do, take the time you need to find something you will enjoy. I understand we all have bills to pay, but in the end, we all end up working ourselves to an early grave. I hope that maybe my stories will inspire others to take that leap forward in pursuing their dreams. Take time to explore the beauty that is all around you.